The Ask

To concept, develop and produce five franchises for the launch of Nike’s editorial platform.

What We Did

Launched in 2020, Nike Journal is the brand’s first editorial platform for global storytelling. SEE ME served as the primary creative and production partner behind the platform’s Culture vertical, providing creative development for eighteen stories spanning five unique franchises. Brought to life through photo and video, this assemblage of narratives took place across eleven countries: Japan, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, the United States, Nigeria, India, Canada, Saint Lucia, Kuwait, and France.

Our Alchemy

We put as much emphasis on whom we put behind the camera as those we put in front of it, hiring local creative teams who could properly capture the stories of every protagonist. We also commissioned creators with the ability to apply their unique lens to each project, bringing an innovative perspective to each piece of content.


Executive Creative Director: Sara McDowell

Executive Producer: Nicole Van Straatum

Casting: Lydia Yemene, Nafisa Kaptownwala 

Production Manager: Kimberly Goedhart 

Stylist: Mel Reneé Leamon

Feature Director: Deidre Dyer

Creative Producer: Banna Nega

Copy Editor: Roxanne Fequiere 

Creative Studio: SEE ME