The Ask

Create a global brand campaign tied to the Olympics through sentiment and global reach, featuring talent from Netflix’s top titles.

What We Did

SEE ME created Netflix’s global brand campaign featuring actors from their most popular international original titles. Rooted in the idea that children dream of what they’ll be when they grow up—whether it’s an Olympian or a thespian—we created short film narratives about the actors' journeys toward achieving their dreams. Shooting on location from Geneva to London to Tokyo to Atlanta, we were honored to share the stories of legends like Sophia Loren and rising stars alike.

Our Alchemy

In order to remove the divide between celebrity and audience, we used archival video of each actor alongside our original footage, adding a personal touch to the finished product that instantly makes the viewer feel connected to the onscreen talent. By conducting pre-interviews before each shoot, our scripts were crafted from the actors own words—all in keeping with our mission to give every individual the opportunity to be the author of their own story.


Director: Haley Elizabeth Anderson 

Film Executive Producer: Adriana Cebada Mora

Executive Creative Director: Sara McDowell

Executive Creative Producer: Nicole Van Straatum 

Media Strategist: Morgan Shockley

Creative Strategist: Natalee Ranii-Dropcho

Writers: Lakin Starling, Justin Lee, James Yates Smith

Creative Producer: Kimberly Goedhart

Project Manager: Tara Hercus 

Production: Pulse Films

Creative Studio: SEE ME


Executive Creative Director: Sara McDowell Executive Producer: Nicole Van Straatum

Art Director: Inyegumena Nosegbe

Designer: Sophie Abady

Writer: Lakin Starling